Commercial Financing

In an effort to help our clients obtain necessary financing to help them grow their business, we not only write Business Plans but also coordinate with Financial Institutions to obtain necessary commercial financing to meet their Capital and Working Capital requirements.

Besides, our relationship with some of the renowned financial institutions enables us to prepare your business and financial proposals and present you to them based on their exact requirements, thereby eliminating back-and-forth communication and saving time. You can leave this to us and focus on your business!!!

Most importantly, we act as business advisors for our clients to guide them on the optimum financial product that best suits their business needs.

Commercial financing is generally offered by banks or other financial institutions. Most commercial banks offer to finance and the loans are usually secured by business assets or they can be unsecured, hence the lenders basically rely on the cash flow of the business concerned to estimate the repayment capacity of the borrowers.

Why Commercial Financing?

Businesses after reaching a point where growth is imminent may seek. Sometimes funding becomes an obstacle in the way of attaining necessary growth, that’s where commercial financing comes into the scene.

Regardless of size, ensures that businesses can thrive and hit their targets so that they do not miss out because of a shortage of funds. Commercial finance is basically a way of funding working capital for businesses.

Availability has broadened the scope of growth and the source is no more restricted to just banks. Alternatively, the financial market has been populated with lenders and investors leading to have businesses more options than ever before.

Who is eligible for Commercial Financing?

Any person who owns a business can apply. Criteria may vary from provider to provider. But generally, you would need to show business bank statement, management account, cash flow statements and owner’s information.

The different commercial financing products that we help our clients with are:

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