About Us

Canada Credit Solution was started with one objective, of enabling wealth creation for our clients through quality and conflict-free investment management. The use of our expertise is our cornerstone in ensuring that we will reach across demographics and geographies, provide a convenient, low cost – top quality Business Plan. These Business Plans act as a bible for their business as well as helps them get Commercial Financing for their business. We are experts at what we do and for us, our success lies only in making our clients meet their objectives. We love the very fact that we are known and revered by our clients and therefore the industry for our unique business model and our conflict-free advice.

Team Canada Credit Solution possesses the experience and expertise to streamline your business financials through the following services it has to offer:

All of the above are extremely essential for any business to grow and keep pace in the fast-moving environment

Our Mission

Support Small and Mid-sized Organizations grow through structured Financial Planning, Finance Transformation, Finance & Business Process Standardization and best-in-class alignment with industry standards.

Our Vision

Support Small and Mid-sized Organizations create an impact in the Canadian Economy and leave a footprint of success.

Shahbaz Anjum

Shahbaz Anjum

Shahbaz is resident in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada and comes with 22+ years of experience in IT, BPO and Finance. Shahbaz has experience of 15 years in Finance and Operations BPO for Hewlett Packard (HP) and Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE). Apart from leading the FP&A team for HPE, he has successfully led the transition of multiple BPO processes from Americas to HP’s/HPE’s multiple offshore locations. He also served as Americas Finance Operations head for FP&A processes for HPE and handled accounts to the tune of US$ 1.5 billion annual revenue.

As vice chairman of Canada Credit Solution, Shahbaz is that the key point of contact between clients and therefore the Delivery Team. He takes care of the Financial Consultancy Services (Financial Consulting, Finance Transformation, Government Grants and BPO) of Canada Credit Solution.

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