Government Grants

Government Grants are sum of money conditionally given to businesses by the government that is not required to be paid back, if the conditions underlying such grants are met. Grant money may be used for purchase of equipment, advertising, marketing surveys, training, participation in trade fairs, or any other business purpose that fall within the government program at any point of time.

Our team of dedicated and experienced Grant Writing professionals (comprising of top-level business executives, technical writers, finance professionals & editors) provide personalized attention to build your business plan that meets the expectation of the funding agency.

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We help businesses apply for Government Grants and Loans available for:

  • Investment in expansion of existing facilities
  • Investment in Plant & Machinery
  • Investment in quality enhancement and process improvement initiatives
  • Investment in initiatives to save on your electricity, gas and water bills
  • Replacement of or augmentation of traditional business development financing
  • Research & Development Activities
  • Access to new markets locally and/or internationally – participation in trade fairs
  • Overcoming skills shortage – training of staff